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Vintage Tile
  Re-Tile and Repair  

Re-Tile and Tile Repair

At Dunrite Tile and Coping our primary focus is re-tiling of older pools to make them look new again!  Whether your pool needs all new tile for a new look, or just needs the tile repaired Dunrite Tile and Coping is for you.

Spa Wall Repair
One of our most common jobs is to repair and retile spa walls. Because the structure of your spa wall stresses over time it tends to cause buckling of the tile which eventually makes the tile pop off.

Vintage Tile
Many older tiles have become discontinued over the years. At Dunrite Tile and Coping we have a large selection of discontinued tile in stock. We not only use these tiles ourselves but we make them available to the public for purchase.

We also specialize in re-coping your swimming pool. This alows you to get a whole new look using the latest styles and materials.
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