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  Rebar Stain Repair  

What is rebar
Rebar is the metal reinforcement rods that pool builders use to reinforce the concrete shell of your pool. You can clearly see in the image to the right what the rebar looks like.

Rebar Stans
Rebar stains can look very different, but they all occur from the rebar rusting inside the shell and making its way out through the plaster. The picture to the right shows a piece of rebar that has been rusted through.

The Repair
The repair entails chipping down to the rusted rebar and cutting out the section of rusted rebar causing the stain. Then the exposed  rebar is coated with a rust inhibitor. The cavity is then packed with a high psi non shrinking concrete and then the area is replastered.

**Becuase of aging of your plaster it can be difficult to match the exact color. These patches will be noticable no matter what you do, but the lighter the plaster the less noticable.
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